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At what length will viewers go to to watch their favorite TV show?

We know viewers watch TV in the living room, whether it’s live, from their DVR or streaming. We also know that TV isn’t just for the living room, with technology making TV more personal than ever by giving viewers the choice to consume what they want, when they want and even where they want. People love TV.

So, just how untethered from the living room is the average TV viewer? And at what length will they go to watch their favorite show? Those are some of the questions we asked in our most recent Hulu Insight survey.

When we kicked off our first “TV confessions” survey last summer as part of our In The Know brand campaign, we discovered that close to 50% of people have actually lied about watching a TV show just to fit in. Today, we are uncovering new data that shows just how personal television has become. Our findings may come as a surprise to some, but to others, they’re simply the true confessions of a TV watcher.

Of those surveyed, 60% confessed to tuning in to their favorite show on the toilet. That’s right: a majority of TV viewers confessed that they have broken out their smartphones or tablets to watch TV in the bathroom. And funny enough, parents are four times more likely to watch TV in the bathroom than the average respondent.

Other surprising places respondents confessed to watching TV include:

  • During meetings at work
  • While driving
  • During a wedding, funeral or at church


As you can see, today’s TV viewers will go to some great lengths to catch their favorite show, or in some cases, shows. 48% of the respondents confessed to using a second screen to watch two shows at the same time, and about 35% of respondents admitted to even using up all of their cell phone data because they simply could not miss their favorite series.

It’s Saturday night and the complete first season of Hulu Original Series Shut Eye is now available… but you already have plans with friends. What do you do? Well over 40% of you would likely cancel your plans to get your binge on. In fact, 42% of respondents admitted to cancelling plans to watch a TV show.

And for all of the parents out there who have confessed to putting their kids to bed early just to watch a TV show, just know you’re not alone. Roughly a quarter (24%) of respondents admitted to enforcing early bedtimes for their kids in order to watch their favorite show in peace and quiet.

No judgement parents, TV today is just that good.

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