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Hulu: Industry Safe Environment for Brands

Viewability and brand safety are huge topics of discussion in the advertising industry. We are increasingly living in an age of accountability and marketers are – rightly – demanding more for their advertising dollars. The great news for Hulu’s ad partners is that we’ve long been known for a high standard of accountability given that we only charge for fully completed ad views.

Recently we partnered with third-party industry leaders to quantify our commitment to being a premium destination for brands, and the results have proven what we’ve always known – Hulu is a safe space for brands. One such partner is Moat, a market leader in viewability measurement. We’ve partnered with Moat to track viewability on Hulu and the results show that Hulu’s metrics deliver the gold standard of publishers. In fact, video ads on Hulu deliver 91% viewability, which is 55% above the MRC industry benchmark.



Hulu has also partnered with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry group who strives to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, to bolster our commitment to delivering quality and brand safety to our clients. We were recently approved for the anti-fraud certification program to ensure that people – not bots – are viewing our partner’s ads.



As a company well-positioned at the intersection of technology and entertainment, Hulu has always made the viewer experience our top priority. Our video player was designed to be the hero of the viewing experience making viewability inherent across every screen.

We encourage marketers to continue to raise the bar on how, where (and even if) their ads are truly being seen. And our standards of viewability and the fact that we only charge for ads viewed to 100% completion shows our dedication to offering maximum impact for our advertiser’s brands.





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