Case Studies

Learn more about how ads on Hulu drive business outcomes for your brands.


Case Studies

Sales Effectiveness

Advertising on Hulu drives measurable, real-world sales

The holy grail of advertising is proving that paid media drives measurable, real-world results. After conducting two distinct studies with Millward Brown and Nielsen Catalina, one thing is clear – advertising on Hulu drives measurable, real-world sales.

Through an analysis of 53 campaigns on Hulu, we saw that watching an ad on Hulu drives purchase intent for a product, compared to those who hadn’t seen an ad. While intent is moving in the right direction, it’s essential to be able to prove return on advertising spend.

26% higher than the average ROAS benchmark

Hulu recently evaluated the return on a CPG campaign using Nielsen Catalina, which helps advertisers and their agencies optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS), and we found that for every dollar invested in Hulu the advertiser saw a $2.53 return on ad spend – that’s 26% higher than the average ROAS benchmark that Nielsen Catalina has identified across advertisers.