Case Studies

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Case Studies


When viewers are tuning into their favorite shows, they’re already engaged

In-show integrations on Hulu provide a way for advertisers to get their brand in front of consumers in a world where consumption is shifting to streaming, DVR, or time-shifted viewing. When viewers are consuming their favorite shows, they’re already engaged – integrations into our Hulu Originals ensure that your brand is front-and-center during this time of purposeful viewing.

Engaging with viewers when they’re already engaged ensures positive sentiment around your brand and has been shown to drive significant lifts in lower funnel metrics like recommendation and purchase intent.

When looking at this engagement from a qualitative sense, one can see why integrating into a viewer’s favorite shows drives significant lifts. In addition to lifting brand metrics across the purchase funnel, nearly all viewers exposed to an integration agreed that both the Hulu Original and the brand are both of superior quality.