Case Studies

Learn more about how ads on Hulu drive business outcomes for your brands.


Case Studies

Ad Effectiveness

The premium quality of Hulu doesn’t stop at the content.

Consumers come to Hulu to watch their favorite content. They love the experience of having all of their content in one place in an elegant, personalized interface on a premium platform.

After an analysis of 93 campaigns on Hulu, we found that ads on Hulu are effective across the purchase funnel – from awareness to purchasing intent. When compared against Millward Brown’s effectiveness benchmarks we see significant double digit lifts for ads on Hulu vs. our competitors. Not only do ads on Hulu solidify your message in the minds of consumers, but also help drive sales as well.

This high-effectiveness becomes even more evident when one compares ads on Hulu to ads on Broadcast or Cable TV. Through an analysis of the same ads running on Hulu and linear TV, Nielsen found that ads on Hulu are more effective at solidifying a brand and the brand’s message for viewers, than on Broadcast 


Advertising on Hulu continues to get better.


An even deeper multi-year analysis on our benchmark data provided by Millward Brown shows that lifts are becoming even more pronounced year over year. When that’s put into the context of what’s been going on at Hulu, one can see that significant investments in content and data have yielded richer, more relevant experiences for our consumers.