Brand Solutions

In partnership with Hulu, brands have a wide array of tools to amplify their message and make their ads more impactful.


The Hulu Splash allows brands to intercept nearly every unique user on a single day. With the ability to manage frequency and deliver enormous reach, the Hulu Splash ensures your brand is top-of-mind on key campaign dates.


A Spotlight sponsorship gives theatrical, TV tune-in, or video game advertisers a high-impact opportunity that enables them to amplify their message and drive awareness for any new release.

Targeted Blitz

The Hulu Targeted Blitz maximizes brand awareness among Hulu users with high-impact targeted media for a designated time period. We can target by demo, geographic area, content length, genre, and more.

Everyday Celebrations

Celebrate unique holidays with a custom splash execution on a #HashtagHoliday. Remind viewers of the holiday with a themed custom video slate tailored to your brand and social media holiday – with your brand creative adjacent.


Align your brand with great content on Hulu year-round – cliffhangers and finales in the spring, catch-up and binge viewing in the summer, sweeps seasons and the year’s most anticipated premieres in the fall.


With huge content consumption and high engagement around Halloween, your brand can align with the best screams streaming on Hulu. Whether it’s family-friendly or fan favorites, we have the content that delivers for your brand.

Creative Partnerships

Partner with Hulu’s in-house Creative team to develop your brand assets. We can drive your brand-specific goals forward in a unique partnership, keeping in mind the importance of acquisition and retention.

Contextual Sponsorships

We’re developing a catalog of contextual sponsorships designed to drive relevancy for your brand with our audience insights. We’ll marry the insights with targeting and creative to design personalized sponsorship opportunities.

Custom Integrated Slates

A Custom Integrated Slate is a branded :07 video execution that leverages Hulu’s premium viewing experience with your brand message using intro text and a “presented by” creative.


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