Brand Solutions

In partnership with Hulu, brands have a wide array of tools to amplify their message and make their ads more impactful.


The Hulu Splash allows brands to intercept nearly every unique viewer on a single day. With the ability to manage frequency and deliver enormous reach, the Hulu Splash ensures your brand is top-of-mind on key campaign dates.

DMA Targeting

DMA Targeting allows an advertiser the  unique opportunity to intercept nearly every viewer within a specific market, while delivering direct messaging points to your exact consumer– ensuring that your brand is top of mind during key campaign dates while having high-impact targeted media for 24 hours.

Targeted Blitz

The Hulu Targeted Blitz maximizes brand awareness among Hulu users with high-impact targeted media for a designated time period. We can target by demo, geographic area, content length, genre, and more.

Season’s Streaming

We’re serving up all the holiday feels to the comfort of the viewer’s couch. Deliver your holiday messaging to our viewers throughout Hulu’s Holiday Tentpoles!

Valentine’s Day

This February, whether it be a romantic night-in, or a party with friends, Hulu’s got all the love-themed shows & movies to make this Valentines Day a hit.

New Year’s Celebrations

What’s better than going out and celebrating the new year? Celebrating at home while streaming your favorite shows on Hulu! Keep your brand top of mind as viewers stream into 2019.

Custom Integrated Commercial

A Custom Integrated Commercial (“CIC”) is a Hulu exclusive video solution that is strategically developed to elevate the brand’s values and objectives by spotlighting it within the world of Hulu. This custom co-branded execution is proven to resonate with target audiences on Hulu by delivering contextually relevant creative and messaging.

Custom Integrated Slates

A Custom Integrated Slate (“CIS”) is Hulu’s most customizable slate offering as it integrates the Hulu brand, values or content, driving incremental impact with viewers on Hulu. Each :07 CIS runs as the first video in pre-roll to introduce viewers to the commercial and content that follows.

Brand Integration


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