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Monday, October 1st



In celebration of Advertising Week’s 15th year, thought leaders (including Hulu CMO, Kelly Campbell) will take the stage for 15 minutes each to talk about what was happening during their founding year (2007) and look back at the moments that shifted the core of our business since then, and share their perspective on where we’re headed.


– Kelly Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Hulu


Tuesday, October 2nd

The Girls’ Lounge @ Advertising Week


As a leader or an aspiring leader, how can you lead with heart and give back with generosity? In this candid talk, thought leaders share why leading with generosity is so important for engaging your team, and how to help your team feel like they are a part of something bigger and that what they do matters.


– Kelly Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Hulu

– Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal USA


Understanding The Journey of Digital Fluency Across Generations


In today’s digital landscape, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to being digitally savvy. Consumers are operating along a spectrum of digital fluency, so it is imperative for brands to understand the consumer journey through the digital funnel. What is their order of digital adoption? What are the generational differences, from Boomers to Gen-Zers, and who are more interactively-driven? How do direct-to-consumer brands play a role in this process?

In this session, Hulu Vice President and Head of Research, Julie DeTraglia, will take a dive into the consumer’s digital path to understand the range of digital fluency outside of the constructs of age. Immediately following, a panel of industry experts will discuss the thought and execution behind creating engaging products that are specifically designed for the new emerging direct brand economy.


– Julie DeTraglia, Vice President and Head of Research, Hulu

– Ari Avishay, Director – Entertainment Marketing, Lyft

– Moderator: Mike Shields, Business Insider


Future of TV Advertising


Driven by advertiser demand for greater accountability and precision, the TV industry’s march towards automation is intensifying. Without it, viewers will continue to migrate away from traditional television in favor of mediums that can deliver advertising with relevant messaging and intelligent frequency. Join us as we discuss how the possibilities of advanced TV, the efficiency of automation and power of data is enabling a modern and bright future for TV advertising.


– Peter Naylor, Head of Advertising Sales, Hulu

– Martin Blich, Managing Partner and Director of Implementation, MediaCom

– David Cohen, President, Magna North America

– Todd Gordon, Director of Adobe Advertising Cloud TV, Adobe

– Moderator: Jeanine Poggi, Media Reporter, Ad Age


The Money’s in the Living Room: The Future for Advertising is in OTT


TV isn’t dead. Consumers are watching more TV than ever before and they’re watching it in the living room. But they are cutting the cord in record numbers in favor of direct-to-consumer services that provide more choice and flexibility. For advertisers, this means more ways to connect with on-demand, on-the-go audiences through a medium that bridges the best of TV and digital. In this panel, industry experts will discuss how they’re leveraging data in unique ways to reach audiences in the living room, and defining and measuring the success of their campaigns.


– Jeremy Helfand, Vice President and Head of Advertising Product, Hulu

– Jared Cluff, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Apron

– Moderator: Sahil Patel, Digiday


Thursday, October 4th

Age of the Empowered Consumer


Attention brands – we’re in the midst of a seismic transformation into the direct brand economy. Consumers are now in control; making brands and platforms alike think beyond convenience and ease, and master the engagement experience. Curating more personalized and interactive marketing opportunities are now imperative for brands to connect with the new generation of consumers.

Join us for a morning of insights and conversation on what it takes to engage consumers in the next phase of this empowered consumer economy.


– Peter Naylor, Head of Advertising Sales, Hulu

– Steve Carbone, Chief Digital & Analytics Officer, MediaCom


Future of AI-Powered Brand Integrations in OTT


No one likes their video experience interrupted by intrusive, disruptive ad breaks. Other platforms have operated successful subscription-based platforms, but ad-supported video is an option many, many consumers prefer. So how do programmers monetize video content without interrupting the viewer? In this panel of television industry leaders, we explore how new technologies like artificial intelligence can pave the way for new types of ad experiences within OTT.


– Peter Naylor, Head of Advertising Sales, Hulu

– Kirk McDonald, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T (Xandr)

– Ed David, EVP & Chief Product Officer of Advertising Product, Fox Networks Group

– Ralf Jacob, President, Verizon Digital Media Services

– Ari Lewine, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, TripleLift

– Moderator: Doug Knopper, Founder & Former CEO, Freewheel


Reaching the Unreachable: Connecting with Young Consumers in the Age of Peak TV

1:15 PM | Main Stage (IMAX)

In 2018, the average age of a cable primetime viewer is 55, and the average age of the broadcast primetime audience is 65 – far older than the coveted 18-34 demographic that brands and advertisers are trying to reach. These cord-cutters are turning into cord-nevers and moving away from the traditionally-delivered TV in favor of brands like Hulu and Vice that are redefining entertainment and news experiences while tapping into – and even shaping – culture. Join Hulu and Vice for a candid discussion about how brands can stay relevant in the ever-evolving state of media and explore the unique opportunities to capitalize on the deep connections that today’s young, digital natives have with the content they love.


– Kelly Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Hulu

– Nancy Dubuc, Chief Executive Officer, Vice Media