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Advertising Age Brings You the Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time

With hundreds of channels, Hulu, Netflix, Xbox, tablets and smartphones, people have more access to more great content than ever before. What makes it even more amazing is that once a year 110 million of us sit down and watch the same thing — tog...

Whew! Advertisers Avoid Blackout AND Blowout In Super Bowl

Last night’s game was a nail biter, for both football fans and for the advertisers. At the beginning of the second half, things were looking grim. At 28-6, the game was looking like a blowout (never great for second-half advertisers) when a bizarre b...

The Story Behind “1984″ and Other Classic Super Bowl Ads

Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl ad signaled a new era in personal computers, a revolt against a world portrayed as an Orwellian state dominated by IBM. It also ushered in a new era of Super Bowl advertising where viewers came to expect the ads to be al...

AdAge: Why We Love Super Bowl Ads

More than a game, the Super Bowl is a cultural event, a truly American spectacle, and the ads are very much a part of the experience. Mix a big stage with big ambitions and budgets, and what you get are some memorable ads, as well some memorable misfi...


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