Ad Experience

Hulu continues to push the boundaries of advertising by creating innovative and engaging ad products for your brand as well as impactful ad experiences for our users.

Custom Integrated Commercial

A Custom Integrated Commercial (“CIC”) is a Hulu exclusive video solution that is strategically developed to elevate the brand’s values and objectives by spotlighting it within the world of Hulu. This custom co-branded execution is proven to resonate with target audiences on Hulu by delivering contextually relevant creative and messaging.




A Spotlight sponsorship gives theatrical, TV tune-in, or video game advertisers a high-impact opportunity that enables them to amplify their message and drive awareness for any new release.

Premium Slate

A Premium Slate leverages a brand’s existing video assets to develop a custom :07 slate that will run as the first video in pre-roll, priming viewers for the commercial to follow before they start their content. The video execution is accompanied by intro text and “presented by” voice over.

Ad Selector

The Ad Selector allows the viewer to control their ad experience by choosing the ad they want to see. The viewer will be presented with two or three video options. Once a selection is made, the viewer will be presented with the commercial of their choice. If no selection is made after a few moments, an ad creative will automatically play.

Interactive Interstitial

The Interactive Interstitial is a rich media unit that runs with or in place of a video commercial across devices, enabling greater interaction within the player space. Examples of interactive interstitials on Hulu include photo galleries, video overlay, quizzes, and polls.

Branded Entertainment Selector

The Branded Entertainment Selector (BES) allows the viewer to control their ad experience during video playback by choosing whether to watch a long-form commercial, or to view the show with standard commercial breaks.


Enable transactions in the Living Room by providing viewers with a complete purchase experience for your product. Hulu has developed a solution for movie tickets and will expand into additional categories.


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