VPAID Guidelines

Advertisers have the opportunity to run two different ad units through VPAID on Hulu, a video commercial or the interactive interstitial.

The Interactive Interstitial is a rich-media flash unit that runs in place of a video commercial. This page is intended to call out some specific implementation requirements and details when running an interactive interstitial or video commercial unit on Hulu through VPAID.

All VPAID ad units must adhere to the VPAID guidelines as defined by the IAB specification:

Available On

If running interactive creative, Hulu’s creative service team will review the unit to ensure creative complies with our creative guidelines. The creative services team can provide up to 2 rounds of revisions, with turn around times of no more than 48 hours per revision request.




  • Format: SWF, Flash 10.3 (max version), ActionScript 3.0
  • File size: 500KB initial load
  • Additional assets (e.g. video) may be loaded upon user interaction
  • Frame rate: 30 FPS


  • Format: AAC format
  • Length: 15–30 seconds (recommended); must loop seamlessly


Ad length

If no interaction, 15 or 30 seconds for auto-play initial playback


Upon user interaction during auto-play initial playback, countdown timer pauses and Close Ad and Return to video link appears in upper-right corner as long as user interacts with the ad or until interaction interval is complete

  • Required throughout the full unit (including when video isn’t playing)
  • Host-initiated
  • Bitrate: 192kbps
  • All audio must be around -27dB
  • Format: MP4
  • Dimensions: 1184×666 (if video fills player)
  • Frame rate: 29.97fps OR 23.98
  • Bitrate: 6-7mbps max, 2mbps min
  • Length: 30 seconds max for auto-play initial playback; no cap for user-initiated video
  • Required: Play/Pause and Mute/Unmute controls
  • Optional: Replay
  • No letterboxing or black bars.
  • No interlaced frames OR frame blending
  • All audio must be around -27dB
Safe Content Areas

Important elements, such as logos and clickable elements, should be placed within the safe content areas to avoid being covered by the countdown timer bar and the video player’s controls.

The top 35 pixels or bottom 70 pixels of the unit are used by the video player’s environment and will be covered by the ad countdown timer and player controls on rollover, leaving a safe content area of 1184×558. These areas may not be fully visible or available for click action, but should still be part of the full 1184×666 design.