Interactive Interstitial Template (DR)

Our Direct Response Interactive Interstitial template is a rich-media unit that runs with a traditional video ad, and delivers greater viewer interaction within the player space. The unit offers several customizable elements including body copy, CTA button text and color, background color, and optional social icons. Because production for this unit is faster than for our classic Interactive Interstitial unit, it’s perfect for last-minute campaigns, specific DR messaging for each region and a great countermeasure against ad fatigue.

Available On

Production lead-time from the receipt of the final asset is 10 business days.


Deliverables to Hulu
  • Brand logo (Vector .AI or .EPS preferred, .PSD accepted)
  • Social media urls (click-trackers accepted)
  • Click-thru URL for Video
  • Click-thru URL for Logo
  • Click-thru URL for CTA Button
  • Copy for the body of the unit
  • CTA copy for button
  • Time when video should start shrinking
  • Solid Background: HEX color code for the top portion of the unit, HEX color code for the bottom portion of the unit and HEX color code for the button
  • Background Image: Please reference template for specs



If client is providing uncompressed video:

  • 23.98 or 29.97
  • Constant frame rate only
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ codec preferred
  • Audio (HD/SD): PCM (preferred) or AAC codec & 192 kbps minimum
  • H.264 codec is accepted, but bitrate must be at least 50 Mbps
  • Interlaced video is not accepted
  • Constant Bitrate (CBR) 15-30 Mbps
  • Main Profile @ Main Level (MP@ML)
  • 4:2:0 Color Space
  • Please make content progressive.
  • Video must be submitted without leaders (i.e slates, countdowns).
  • If assets are delivered with leaders, Hulu will edit them and a Production Fee will be added to the final invoice.



:15s or :30s video

Hosted by Hulu
Third Party Tags

Hulu accepts standard tags and supports VAST from Hulu-approved vendors. For additional VAST information, please click here to visit our FAQ document.

At this time we don’t accept iframe, ilayer, javascript, or internal redirect tags.





All assets must be site served by Hulu

General Notes

Unit can be targeted at a national or local level.


Metrics Available
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Completion Rate
  • CTR
  • Extended metrics TBD