The 300×60 companion serves alongside the video commercial when the user is watching on PC in non-fullscreen mode.

The 300×250 companion does not serve alongside the video. It serves at the end of a piece of content as the next episode is loading.

Available On

10 business days production lead-time from the receipt of the final asset


Deliverables to Hulu
  • 300 × 60 Companion Banner
  • 300 × 250 Companion Banner
  • 3rd Party Tracking Tags (if applicable)
  • Companion: standard tags (href and img source)
  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 60
Assets Needed
  • Note that Hulu only resizes existing banner designs (no design from scratch). 
  • Hulu requires existing banner PSD files to resize to either a 300×60 or 300×250 spec.
  • Note that Hulu allows for a maximum of 3 banner resizes per campaign.
File Formats
  • Static GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
Max File Size



Not allowed. Asset must be static.

Maximum Number

1 companion banner per video creative.



Third Party Tags

Hulu accepts 1×1’s and click trackers or standard static GIF/JPG 3rd party served banners.



Static GIF/JPG banners can be site served or 3rd party served.

General Notes
  • Unit can be targeted at a national or local level.
  • Note that Hulu only resizes existing banner designs (no design from scratch).
Metrics Available
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Must use Hulu clicktag code if tracking or dynamic URLs is desired (Please download template above)