Ad Player Skin

The Ad Player Skin is a unique opportunity to brand the area around the player for maximum affinity. The Ad Player Skin plays in standard view in conjunction with the video ad.

Available On

10 business days production lead-time from the receipt of the final asset


Deliverables to Hulu
  • Provided Hulu Ad Player Skin .PSD Template contains all sizing information. Please do not leave image of Hulu Player in the final layout.
  • If Hulu is designing the skin, client needs to provide layered .PSD’s of different raw assets (IE: key art, 300×250, 160×600 and/or 728×90).
  • All skins will be cut for production by Hulu.

Player Size 1: 1184 x 666

  • Skin Area: 1600 x 853
  • Safe Zone: 1544 x 793

Player Size 2: 944 x 531

  • Skin Area: 1600 x 718
  • Safe Zone: 1304 x 598
File Formats
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PSD (layered)
  • Fonts (if applicable)
  • Full Skin (edges must blend in with background; no hard edges)
Max File Size

1 GB






Hosted by Hulu

Third Party Tags

Client can provide 1×1 impressions/click trackers for 3rd Party Tracking

At this time we don’t accept iframe, ilayer, javascript, or internal redirect tags.



General Notes
  • Delivery should include raw assets and messaging, or a single screenshot can be provided to spec and will be cut for production by Hulu
  • Hulu Creative Services will create these units for the client based on client direction and source assets
  • Brand Clients – 1 version per brand campaign
  • Theatrical Clients – 1 creative with 3 different tune-in versions per campaign
  • Video Gaming Clients – 1 creative with 3 different tune-in versions per campaign
  • Unit can be targeted at a national or local level
Assets Needed

Delivery should include all raw assets, messaging and fonts. Hulu will prepare unit for final production

Metrics Available
  • Video Skins on Hulu add incremental value over both linear TV and :30s video spots. Our video skins are 106% more impactful than linear TV at building top-of-mind awareness and 27% more impactful at building purchase intent.
  • Metrics provided to advertisers: Impressions, Clicks and CTR.