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Put Your Game Face On: Hulu AdZone 2013


It’s that time of year again. The smell of nachos is in the air. Grown men will cry…and maybe even paint their faces. Sports fanatics across America will tune in to watch football season go into overdrive on Super Bowl Sunday. But the football fiel…

Interview: “Kroll Show’s” Nick Kroll


Nick Kroll’s been a bro, a cartoon, a female publicist, an Ed Hardy boy, and a stand-up comic. He’s now all of those things, especially that last one, on his own show, Kroll Show.
Kroll Show premieres January 16 on Comedy Central, and you can catch…

Some news to share.


Earlier today, I sent the below email to the Hulu team:
In what is an understatement, this email has proven difficult for me to both write and send.
I’ve decided to depart Hulu in Q1. I am currently working with the Board to ensure there is ample…

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