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100% Completion Rate

At Hulu, we pride ourselves on giving 100% to everything we do.

From Hulugans adorned in over-the-top getups at our annual Huluween costume competition, to April Fools’ pranks taken to the extreme – we are “all in”.

This “all-in” attitude is pervasive throughout our company culture and is ingrained in how we innovate on behalf of our viewers, advertisers and content partners.

Today, we’re excited to announce the newest way we are giving 100% with the introduction of our latest ad innovation:  Hulu will now only charge its advertisers based on a 100% completion rate. This is for advertising sold by Hulu’s advertising team, and will apply to both Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Hulu advertisers will not be charged unless their advertisement has been streamed through completion; in other words, an advertisement that has been 100% delivered. There will be no extra cost to Hulu advertisers for this service.

This is an industry first.  We’d like to thank our forward-thinking beta testers at Zenith Media, General Mills, and Horizon Media for their partnership on this initiative.

Implementing 100% completion rate for Hulu advertisers is just another way we are working with the advertiser and viewer community to innovate. In 2007, we launched the Hulu Ad Selector which allows viewers to choose among multiple ads to select the one most relevant to them.  Recently, we introduced Hulu Ad Swap to market, a cutting edge advertising product that allows viewers to substitute out the ad they are watching for one that they feel is more relevant to them. Since the launch of Hulu Ad Swap, we have seen over 9 million substitutions and that number is increasing every day.

The original Hulu service continues to ramp aggressively both in users and content while Hulu Plus, our US subscription service, passed more than 2 million paid subscribers in Q1 of this year. Based on our research, Hulu Plus has achieved 2 million paying subscribers faster than any video subscription service – online or offline – in US history.

On behalf of the Hulu team, thank you to our customers…users, advertisers and content owners alike.


JP Colaco
SVP Advertising