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My Signup Attempts Aren't Working

Are you having trouble completing our signup process? A few things could be wrong:

  • The method of payment you're using isn't authorized for online recurring transactions (this is especially common with prepaid or reloadable debit cards)
  • The ZIP code you're using doesn't match what the bank has on file
  • The 3-digit security code (or 4 if you're using American Express) is incorrect
  • The credit or debit card does not have at least $1 on your card to sign up successfully. Don't worry, this is just an authorization hold to confirm the billing information you've submitted for your Hulu Plus account. For more info regarding these authorization holds, please visit this article.


In these cases, we strongly recommend contacting your bank or card issuer to see if one of these might be the problem. Once you've done that, try signing up again. If you still need help, please contact us.

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