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Getting Started on Xbox One

Here at Hulu, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the newest TV shows to our users on variety of devices. This means keeping up when new devices hit the market so that Hulu Plus users can watch shows and movies where they want; as such, we're proud to announce Hulu Plus support through the Xbox One. All you'll need is a Hulu Plus subscription and an Xbox LIVE Gold membership to start watching your favorite shows. Learn more and signup here.



Below you'll find features and steps that will help you setup Hulu Plus on your Xbox One:

Downloading the Hulu Plus App

Logging in to Your Hulu Plus Account

Parental Controls on Xbox One

Closed Captioning on Xbox One

Streaming Issues with Hulu Plus on your Xbox One


If you have additional questions, you're more than welcome to contact us directly and let us know which steps you've already tried. We'll be happy to investigate further. You can also check out the Xbox Support site for some additional information.


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