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Videos on Apple Devices Restarting from Beginning

We've received reports of users encountering video playback issues with Hulu Plus on Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple TVs. A symptom of the issue is having videos restart playback from the beginning. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working quickly toward a resolution. In the meantime, there are some basic troubleshooting steps that help to resolve this issue. 


Troubleshooting for iOS devices

  • Empty the application's Image Cache: For iPads – On the top right of the Hulu Plus app, tap Your Name >Settings > Clear image cache. For iPhones and iPods – On the bottom right menu of the Hulu Plus app, tap MoreSettings > Clear image cache

If the problem persists, please try the below steps:

  • Force quit the Hulu Plus app: 
    • iOS 5 and 6 – From any screen, double-click your Home button. When the tray slides up, hold your finger on the Hulu Plus app until it starts wiggling. Tap the red button above its icon, and then tap your Home button again to finish.
    • iOS 7 – From any screen, double-click your Home button. When the app windows appear, swipe left or right to find the Hulu Plus app. Press on the Hulu Plus app window and swipe up. Then tap your Home button again to finish.
  • Turn off your iOS device completely, let it sit for 15 seconds, then turn it on again.

Troubleshooting for Apple TVs

  • Perform a power-cycle of the Apple TV, modem and router. Unplug all three from power and wait at least 1 minute before plugging them back in.
Again, we will be working toward a permanent solution to this problem. If these steps don't solve the issue, please contact us. Let us know what you've tried, and we'll be happy to help further.
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