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Errors While Playing Community and Other Protected Content on

We've received reports of users encountering "protected content" messages with video playback on We've seen this protected content message appear with codes such as: 3343, 3322, 3307, 2203, 3321 or a "One time loading experience to make the rest of your life better" followed by a blank video player while using through a computer web browser. Below are steps to resolve these playback issues: 


  1. Clear your Flash cache by going to ( ) and selecting "Delete all sites" under the Website Storage Settings panel
  2. Go to ( ), and click "Reset License Files," then restart your browser and try to play the content again
  3. Using another browser often circumvents the issue as well. We'd recommend trying Google Chrome ( ) or Mozilla Firefox ( )
If you're still encountering issues, please contact us. Let us know what steps you've tried, and we'll be happy to help further.
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