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Getting Started on the Nintendo Wii U

We're excited to introduce Hulu Plus on the Nintendo Wii U. Below are some questions you may have about the new channel:


How do I access the Hulu Plus channel?

Our channel is pre-loaded on all Wii U consoles, making it easier for you to start using Hulu Plus. To access Hulu Plus on your Wii U, first head to your Wii U Home screen. From there, you will see our channel in the second row. Tap the channel on your GamePad to launch Hulu Plus. 


How do I log in to my Hulu Plus account?

Once you've launched our channel on your Wii U, you will see a Log In option on the screen. From here, you can enter your email address and password attached to your Hulu Plus account. Alternately, you can activate your device with the on-screen code by heading to ( ).




Can I add videos to my Queue?

Yes, you can add videos to your Queue right from our channel. First, access the show's main page by either searching or browsing for the title. The Shows You Watch option will also help you get your favorite shows faster. Then, select the Add to Queue option on your GamePad by pressing the Y button.



Where are my Favorites and Queue?

Your Favorites and Queue aren't too far away. From the main page of our channel, scroll right until you see the Favorites & Queue option. Here you can quickly access your Favorites and manage your Queue. 



How do I turn off/on Closed Captions?

You can turn on and off captions in two separate locations. To edit the option for all videos, access the Settings option on the main screen of our channel. From  here, you will have the option to turn off and on captions entirely. To change this option while a video is playing, select the Caption option on your GamePad. 





How do I search for shows and movies?

To search for specific shows and movies, toggle over to the search option at the top right-hand corner of our channel. Once the search bar is selected it will be outlined in white and the magnifying glass icon will turn green. Tap A to select the search function. Your GamePad will now have a keyboard function to make searching for shows even more convenient. 



Where are the fast-forward and rewind options?

You can fast-forward and rewind during an episode by pressing either left or right on the left analog stick or the directional pad to seek forwards and backwards through the show. Pressing A will seek to the chosen point, and B will cancel the action.



How can I turn off/on autoplay?

Simliar to turning on and off captions, autoplay can be set in two different locations. To edit the option for all videos, access the Settings tile on the main screen of our channel. From here, you will have the option to turn off and on autoplay entirely. To change this option while a video is playing, select the Autoplay option on your GamePad. 





What are Shows You Watch?

Shows You Watch is a section on our channel that allows you to quickly navigate to your favorite shows. From the main page of our channel, you will see this section below the TV and Movies row. Do note that until you start watching content through our service, this feature won't appear. 



How do I change the video quality?

Similar to both captions and autoplay, you can change the video quality in two locations. To set a preferred quality for all videos, head to the Settings tile on the main Hulu Plus menu. From there, set your preferred video quality. To change this option while a video is playing, select the Video Quality option on your GamePad. 







How does the controller function with the Hulu Plus channel?

The Wii U GamePad allows you added functionality with our channel. In addition to the usual browsing ability, you can Add to Queue and Favorite shows right from the GamePad. The screen on your controller will also show more information about a specific video or show when available. 





Where is the logout option?

To log out of Hulu Plus, first navigate to the Settings option from the main page of our channel. You will then see a logout option that will disconnect your account from the Wii U. 






If the above did not help, we have some troubleshooting steps handy for you in this help article


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