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Profile Settings

Creating an account on Hulu allows you to manage your viewing experience. We offer a variety of privacy and viewing settings, enabling you to view content how you'd like. To access these settings, you'll need to log in to your account. Once you do, hover over your name at the top right-hand corner and click on Account. At the bottom of your account page, you'll find a section labeled Privacy and Settings.


Manage Email Notifications

This option lets you choose events that you would like Hulu to alert you about via email:

  • Receive occasional email updates on the latest Hulu news and features
  • Receive a "watch guide" featuring recommended shows, trending now clips, new episodes, and more
  • Receive email notification when your credit card is charged if you are a Hulu Plus Subscriber
  • Receive email alerts when your Queue is updated with Favorited videos (in either Text or HTML)
  • Receive email alerts when Queued videos are about to expire

Manage Off-Hulu Cookies

In order to provide our users with the most relevant advertising, Hulu may store information about websites you visit on your computer in your browser cookies. If you don't wish for Hulu to store information about websites you visit outside of using this browser, you may indicate your preference by clicking on this link, then selecting Opt Out on the following page.

Personalize Advertising Experience

Here, you can adjust Hulu's advertising settings to personalize the ads that you see by changing your answers to any of the Ad Tailor questions you've answered previously, or by answering more questions to help us better tailor your advertising experience to your interests. Once you have finished adjusting any of these settings, be sure to click Save Changes.


If you would like to delete your free Hulu account please see this article; if you would like to cancel your Hulu Plus subscription, please see this one. For help logging in to your internet-enabled TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, streaming, or mobile device please visit this page.

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