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Why Are There Ads in Hulu Plus?

We include advertisements in Hulu Plus in order to reduce the monthly subscription price of the service. Premium content — especially from the current TV season — is not only expensive to make and license, but we also want to compensate our content partners fairly for the valuable entertainment they provide.


Hulu Plus offers what no other streaming content service on the market today can: current season episodes of popular shows like Glee, Community, and Modern Family, and full series runs (all episodes from every season) of popular library shows. To see a full list please go to Hulu Plus Content page.


We have found that by including a modest ad load, we can keep the price for Hulu Plus under eight bucks, while still providing users with access to the most popular current season shows on the devices of their choice.


We're continually working to tailor the ad experience to your interests in an effort to make the advertising you see on Hulu Plus more relevant and useful to you.

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