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Facebook Connect FAQ



When I log into Hulu using my Facebook account, what information does Facebook share with Hulu?


When you log in to Hulu using your Facebook account, Facebook will present you with a permissions screen that lists what information it will share with HuluFacebook also explains its information sharing policies in more detail within the Facebook Data Use Policy available here


What information from Facebook will be copied to my Hulu profile when I use Facebook to sign up for Hulu or connect my Hulu account to Facebook?


When you use Facebook to sign up for a Hulu account or connect your Hulu and Facebook accounts, we will copy your name, location, gender, profile photo and birthdate into your Hulu profile. Your Hulu profile can always be reviewed here.


During sign up, if you do not provide us with a different email address for an existing Hulu account, we will also use the email address you have provided to Facebook to create your new Hulu account. Your Hulu account email address can always be viewed or edited here.


In addition to copying information from Facebook into your Hulu profile, we may copy and use information from Facebook to customize your user experience on Hulu or for any other purpose discussed in our privacy policy.


How do I update my Hulu profile while my account is connected to Facebook?

While your Hulu and Facebook accounts are connected, your Hulu profile will be synced to your Facebook information and can only be updated on Facebook. If you disconnect your Facebook and Hulu accounts, you can update your Hulu profile information separately, but this information will be replaced with your Facebook profile information if you reconnect your accounts.


How do I disconnect my Facebook account from my Hulu account?


To disconnect your Facebook from your Hulu account:

1. Visit your Account page and log in if prompted
2. Under the Personal Information section, click disconnect

3. In the confirmation window, select the Disconnect button


Why can't I see the activity of my friends anymore?


At this time, the ability to see your friends' activity in different areas of – along with sharing your own activity on the site – has been removed. We recognize that the absence of this feature will come as a loss to some users, and for that, we apologize. Like in this case, we sometimes have to remove features to make way for newer and more innovative options for sharing your favorite TV moments. 


Who can see activity on Facebook?


If you choose to Facebook Connect, your Facebook friends will also be able to see the activities you manually share to Facebook. You can manage which friends see your Hulu activities on Facebook by creating Lists. To learn more check out Facebook’s FAQs on Friends.


What Hulu activities are shared on Facebook?


If your Hulu and Facebook accounts are connected, your Facebook friends will be able to see what videos you manually share from Hulu. 


Hulu also supports Facebook liking, sharing, and commenting for users who are signed in to Facebook even if they do not connect their Hulu and Facebook accounts.



This activity may be published on Facebook regardless of whether you have used the Facebook Connect feature.


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