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You can search for videos on Hulu using titles and keywords, but you can also use search operators to craft even more specific queries. Our Advanced Search, found on the top right of the search results page, can help you construct detailed queries, or you can put the following search operators to use within the any search bar on Hulu.


Find videos that contain a combination of words ("+")

To find videos containing multiple words that may or may not be next to each other, use the "+" operator to limit your search results to only those videos containing all of these words. Enter a space before each "+." For example:

+jim +pam +wedding – shows results that contain "jim," "pam" and "wedding."


Filter out results that contain an unwanted word ("-")

To narrow your results further, try filtering out videos that contain a certain word using the "-" search operator. For example, if you're looking for videos about dogs and you know it's not from the Dog Whisperer series,

dog -whisperer – will call up videos that contain the word "dog" but not the word "whisperer."


To search for an exact phrase ("")

You can find videos containing an exact phrase when you offset your search query with quotation marks (" "). For example,

"on the ground" – returns results that contain the exact phrase "on the ground."


Restrict results to a specific show ("show:")

Limit search results to videos from a particular show by entering "show:" followed by the show name in your query. Use quotation marks around multi-word show titles. Example:

chicken fight show:"family guy" – search for "chicken fight" among Family Guy videos only.

You can search across multiple shows by using the "show:" operator multiple times. Example:

Tina Fey show:"Saturday Night Live" show:"30 Rock" – search for Tina Fey among videos from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.


Search within seasons ("season:")

Restrict your search results to specific seasons of a show by adding "season:" and the season number(s) you want to restrict your results to. Use a space, dash or comma to search for multiple seasons. Examples:

show:"family guy" season:6 — returns all videos from Season 6 of Family Guy.

show:"family guy" season:1-7 — returns all videos from seasons 1 through 7 of Family Guy.

show:"family guy" season:1,3,7 — returns all videos from seasons 1, 3 and 7 of Family Guy.

stewie show:"family guy" season:6,7 — search for Stewie among all videos from seasons 6 and 7 of Family Guy.


Search for a specific episode number ("episode:")

By entering "episode:" and adding an episode number to your query, we'll limit results to only videos with that exact episode number. Use a space, dash or comma to search for multiple episodes within a series. Examples:

show:"lost" season:2 episode:3 — search for videos from season 2, episode 3 of Lost.

show:"lost" season:2 episode:3-6 — returns videos from episodes 3 through 6 from season 2 of Lost.

show:"lost" season:2 episode:3,4,5,6 — this search is formatted differently than the previous search but returns the same results, videos from episodes 3 through 6 from season 2 of Lost.

season:1 episode:1 — this is the search query for you if you're curious to see all the pilots (first episodes) for all the shows in our catalog.


Filter results to a specific type of video ("type:")

Find videos of a particular type by entering "type:" followed by which type of video you're looking for. Use a comma to search for multiple types of videos. Accepted video types are:

  • "episode" — Full episodes of a show
  • "movie" or "film" — Full-length movies
  • "trailer" — Movie trailers
  • "sports" or "game" — Any sports or game videos
  • "clip" — All videos that aren't full episodes, full-length movie or full-length sports games


show:"family guy" type:episode — results will be limited to full-length episodes of Family Guy.


Search by airdate ("date:")

Find videos that aired on a specific date by entering "date:" followed by an exact date or range of dates. 
Accepted text string values for airdate are: 

  • "newest" or "most recent" — returns videos with the latest air date
  • "oldest" — returns videos with the oldest air date

Accepted date formats are: 

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • mm/yyyy
  • yyyy

Accepted formats for dates within a range are: 

  • mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy
  • mm/yyyy-mm/yyyy
  • yyyy-yyyy

Dates at either end of these queries are included in the results. Examples:

show:"family guy" date:newest — returns the most recent Family Guy videos.

show:"family guy" date:1/1/2008-7/1/2008 — returns a list of all currently available Family Guy videos that aired from Jaunary 1, 2008 through July 1, 2008.

show:"family guy" date:2008 — results will list all currently available Family Guy videos that aired in 2008.


Filter results to videos from a specific website ("site:")

Find videos from a particular website by entering "site:" followed by the website name. You only need to include the domain name (e.g. "hulu"), though you may also include the full URL (""). Search for videos on multiple sites by placing a comma between them. Examples:

show:"family guy" site:hulu — results will list Family Guy videos hosted on only.

show:"family guy" site:hulu,fox,tbs — results will be limited to Family Guy videos from,, and


Search for people ("people:")

Find videos related to a particular person by entering "people:" followed by the name of the person. You can specify actors (stars and guests), producers, writers or directors. Use quotation marks around people names. Examples:

people:"tina fey" — results will be related to Tina Fey, usually as an actor, producer, writer or director.

You can find videos related to multiple persons by using the "people:" operator multiple times. Example:

show:"saturday night live" people:"tina fey" people:"amy poehler" — results will be limited to Saturday Night Live videos featuring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


Search for a video title ("title:")

Find the exact video you want by entering "title:" followed by the video title. Use quotation marks around multi-word titles. Example:

title:"tina fey monologue" — returns the video titled "Tina Fey Monologue".

Remember that video title usually corresponds to an episode title and won't include the show name, so if you're searching for a particular show, like Family Guy, use the "show:" operator.


Limit results to a particular network ("network:")

To keep your search results limited to a particular network or studio, enter the "network:" operator in the search bar, followed by the network or studio of your choice. Tip: Follow the Advanced Search link at the top of the search results page to select a network or studio from a list.

baseball network:nbc — displays baseball-related videos from NBC programming only.

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