Stars Of Tomorrow

Who are TV's rising stars?

During the month of February, 16 fan favorites from television battled — tournament-bracket style — for the title of Hulu's Star of Tomorrow. After a grueling four weeks and thousands of votes cast online, comic genius Donald Glover wins! Catch Donald's greatest moments as Troy Barnes on "Community" with our playlist: The Best of Donald Glover. And thanks for voting!

The Dean's List

Donald Glover: Community
He spawned a web series because of a side bit from one episode. Anytime you drive by a library, you rap "Donde esta la biblioteca?" silently to yourself. He has you reevaluating how you feel about plumbing as a career choice. Troy is the emotional genius of "Community." The least we can do is give him this award for it.
Comedic Idols:
Tina Fey, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock. Makes sense now, huh?

Alison Brie: Community
Alison is your new favorite dream girl, teacher's pet, and glittery scene stealer. Here’s why she’ll win it all: She’s starring in two buzzy flicks (The Five-Year Engagement and Save the Date) and she makes neurotic Annie so lovable that even Troy's pet monkey is named after her. (Sort of.)
Manic Pixie Meme Girl:
Recently starred in Funny or Die's parody video "S*** People Don't Say in L.A."