SNL Digital Shorts-Off
Two weeks, 32 videos and a couple million views later, it turns out all you need to determine the best SNL Digital Short is three easy steps. Step 1: Cut a hole in a box. Step 2: Get Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake to sing about their junk. Step 3: Think about how unnecessary Step 1 was and watch "D**k in a Box" become the runaway winner of SNL's Digital Shorts-Off. It faced (ahem) stiff competition from "I'm on a Boat" and had to dethrone "Lazy Sunday" in the Finals. But "D**k in a Box" wound up being the most loved Digital Short ever.

Forbidden Love

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Motherlover (Uncensored)

Premiered on 5/9/09

It may be wrong, but they don't wanna be right. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg decide to turn Mother's Day into Mother's Night by doing each other's mother (Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon).

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Iran So Far

Premiered on 9/29/07

Andy Samberg falls for the charm, wonder, and "hairy butt" of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Thankfully, Andy's friend Adam Levine is willing to help him serenade and terrorize Mahmoud into a relationship.

Congratulations on Your Sexual Escapades!

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: I Just Had Sex

Premiered on 12/18/10

Akon, the Lonely Island crew, and even John McEnroe bust out the fireworks and cake to celebrate the best 30 seconds of their lives, even if their dates (Jessica Alba and Blake Lively) were left hanging.

Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: 3-Way (The Golden Rule)

Premiered on 5/21/11

Andy and JT have mad game when they channel Color Me Badd. This time, they hook up with a cutie (Lady Gaga) they met at a Payless ShoeSource and we learn a valuable pro tip on threesomes.

Impulsive Decision Making

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Like A Boss (Uncensored)

Premiered on 4/4/09

Seth Rogen sits down for a chat with Andy "I'm the Boss" Samberg, who takes us on a journey from spot-on-boss to gross exaggeration. Come on, we all know bosses don't eat chicken strips.

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: On the Ground

Premiered on 10/3/09

In this musical interlude, Andy Sandberg shows his disdain for the system in an inappropriate – and hilarious – way: throwing everything he can on the ground. Special appearances by Elijah Wood, Ryan Reynolds, and a taser.

Rappers Delight

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Shy Ronnie

Premiered on 12/5/09

They're like fire and ice, but clearly it's Rihanna who calls the shots when she's hanging out with her frizzy-haired collaborator. Speak up, Shy Ronnie! Ha-ha!

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Natalie Raps

Premiered on 3/4/06

Miss Portman taps into her inner N.W.A. by rapping about killing your pets for fun, snorting yay at Harvard, and pouring nitrous down your throat. This is hardcore.

It Was a Good Day

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Great Day

Premiered on 5/15/10

The toe-tappingest, catchiest visit to a coked-out rock bottom featuring Alec Baldwin and Tom Petty will leave you with this addictive tune in your head and an enormous pit of regret in your heart. [SNIFFFFFFFF]

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: Lazy Sunday

Premiered on 12/17/05

The digital short that launched a thousand cupcake wars. We've dropped plenty of Hamiltons to mack on some frosting because of Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell's rhymes. Red Vines and a movie never seemed so gangsta.

Bodily Funk-tions

D**k in a Box (Uncensored) #1 Digital Short
Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: D**k in a Box (Uncensored)

Premiered on 12/16/06

Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and their unbelievably creepy facial hair recite three easy steps for giving your junk as a holiday gift to the one you love. Note: These instructions don't work.

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: J*** in My Pants

Premiered on 12/6/08

Mollie Sims, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lonely Island and a very judgmental Justin Timberlake all make appearances in this epic Pet Shop Boys-esque tribute to the scourge that affects guys at just the wrong time — or so we hear.

Totally Nautical

Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: Jack Sparrow

Premiered on 5/7/11

Michael Bolton's affinity for Jack Sparrow proves to be a challenge for the gang in this hilarious, accidental tribute to some legendary film characters.

Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: I'm On A Boat (Uncensored)

Premiered on 2/7/09

Ocean living never sounded as good as it did when T-Pain and Lonely Island got on a boat like Leo. Bust out your swim trunks and flippy-floppies, and take a good hard look — you might even see a mermaid.


Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Short: The Japanese Office

Premiered on 5/17/08

In this Japanese spoof of "The Office," Steve Carell proves he doesn't need to speak English to get a laugh. Leave it to Ricky Gervais to make you feel like a complete jerk for laughing at Kristen Wiig's "moshi moshi."

Saturday Night Live: Laser Cats 1

Premiered on 4/15/06

LOL cats of the internet, unite! Andy Samberg and Bill Hader should lock and load their felines, because Princess Lindsay Lohan is still in need of rescuing.