PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote functionality
Users that were previously experiencing the loss of functionality with PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remotes will now be able to continue desired use.

There is no update or action needed, simply launch the app to start using your remote again. If you're still experiencing issues with remote functionality, please turn off your PlayStation 3, modem and router for a full 60 seconds.



If the above step does not help, we recommend manually changing the PlayStation settings for your remote: 

  1. Launch Hulu Plus app on your PlayStation 3
  2. Hold the PS button until a menu screen appears
  3. Select "Controller Settings" by pressing X or Enter
  4. Select "Reassign the Controller" by pressing X or Enter
  5. Scroll down to "1." Press X again
  6. This will update instantly – Press O or Return twice to return to the app

Please note, if you're using a third party remote, you can reassign it to Player 1 by going to the XMB > Settings > Accessory Settings.

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