Getting Started on Sony BRAVIA
To get started with Hulu Plus on your Sony Bravia, download the app from your Xcross media bar, log in with your Hulu Plus credentials, and start watching!



Supported models

2010 – 2014 BRAVIA Internet Enabled Televisions

2009 – 2014 BRAVIA Blu-ray Disc Players

Dash™ Personal Internet Viewer


Learn more about supported models at Sony



Downloading the Hulu Plus app

  1. Navigate to the Video section of your Xcross media bar  
  2. Scroll down to the green Hulu Plus icon
  3. Select and Download the Hulu Plus App



Logging in to your Hulu Plus account

There are two ways you can log in to the Hulu Plus application on your Sony BRAVIA.


Using the On-Screen Keyboard

  1. On the Welcome screen, scroll down and select Login
  2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your email address and password
  3. Then move the cursor over, and select Submit 


Or, you can activate your Sony BIVL on

  1. On the Welcome screen, you will see an alphanumeric Device Activation Code (for example, 6K47J3)
  2. Using a standard web browser, navigate to (and sign in, if prompted)
  3. Enter the device activation code displayed on your TV screen and click Activate
  4. Within about 30 seconds, your Sony device will refresh and be automatically logged in to your Hulu Plus account
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