Getting started on Xbox One
Getting started on Xbox One
Hulu is available to stream on your Xbox One – Just download the from the Store section, log in with your Hulu credentials or sign up, and start watching!

Here at Hulu, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the newest TV shows to our users on variety of devices. This means keeping up when new devices hit the market so that Hulu users can watch shows and movies where they want; as such, we're proud to announce Hulu support through the Xbox One. All you'll need is a Hulu subscription and an Xbox LIVE Gold or Silver membership to start watching your favorite shows. Learn more and sign up here.


Below you'll find features and steps that will help you setup Hulu on your Xbox One:



Downloading the Hulu app

  • Navigate to Store section
  • Select the Bing search bar and search for Hulu
  • Select the Hulu app when the search results appear
  • Hulu should now be installed on your Xbox One



Logging in to your Hulu account

  • Launch the Hulu app on your Xbox One
  • Select the log in button
  • Note the Activation Code
  • Go to (and sign in, if prompted)
  • Enter the Activation Code and click Activate
  • Within a few seconds, your Xbox One will be automatically logged in to your Hulu account

You can also log in by using the email address and password tied to the account.



Signing up for Hulu

For new subscribers, first launch the Hulu app. You will have the ability to sign up for Hulu directly from within the Hulu app on Xbox One. By signing up for Hulu on your Xbox One, you will be billed each month through your payment source. For more information about Hulu billing, please visit here


For help managing your Hulu subscription, please visit here



Parental controls on Xbox One

One of the great features of Hulu is our growing list of kid-friendly programming. Because of this, we know how important it is to be able to limit exposure to some content available through Hulu. We're happy to announce a deeper integration with the Xbox One's parental control setting. To use the parental controls:

  • Scroll to the Settings tab on the Xbox home screen
  • Select Privacy & Online Safety
  • Then find Access to Content
  • Select Access to content & apps

From that page, you'll be able to select what content will be playable through the Xbox One Hulu app. The settings are specific to age, and you can set this from Unrestricted, all the way down to age 3.



Closed captioning on Xbox One

Closed Captions on the Xbox One are also enhanced. You can now customize a variety of settings regarding the captions including font, size, color, and transparency. You can adjust these settings from the Xbox Live Dashboard. Simply scroll over to Settings and select Closed Captioning.



Streaming issues with Hulu on Xbox One

If you're running into streaming trouble with Hulu app, it's recommended to run a speed test to make sure your connection is running properly. To run a speed test through your Xbox One, first go to Settings from the Xbox dashboard, select Network, then Detailed Network Statistics. Once the test is complete, compare the results against our requirements. If the speeds exceed our requirements, the following steps should help:

  1. If the console is connected to the internet wirelessly, try a wired connection through an ethernet cable.
  2. Power down your Xbox One and your modem/router for at least one minute. Simply unplug the respective power cables and plug them back in after the minute passes.
  3. Unlink your account and leave the app. You can unlink your account by going Settings in the Hulu app, then selecting Unlink From Xbox Live. Once you're out of the app, open the app back up and log in.
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