Using on your phone or tablet browser
Using on your phone or tablet browser
Summary from a mobile browser offers a variety of videos to watch, along with account access to manage both your payment options and Queue.

If you have an iOS, Android, Kindle or Nook device, you can watch popular clips and trailers straight through your mobile browser – for free! If you have a Hulu subscription, you'll also be able to watch full episodes of your favorite shows and movies on-the-go through a supported mobile device.



Why can't I watch full episodes for free on my mobile device?

The mobile version of the Hulu site is designed to give you quick access to the best clips from this week's shows and more! If you'd like to watch full episodes on your supported mobile device, you will need to download our app and sign up for a Hulu subscription. To do this from the mobile site, just tap the "Want Full Episodes?" link at the top right of the page.



I need to edit my Hulu subscription information. Can I do this from my mobile device?

We're happy to provide account support on mobile devices - you can update your login or billing information, activate devices, and even manage your email notifications from your mobile device. Tap "Manage Your Account" on any page, or head to ( ) and log in, if prompted. 


Once you are on your account page, you can change information by tapping on the field you want to change (i.e. your email address to update your email, your billing information to update your card on file, etc.). Enter the new information, and tap the green button at the end to confirm and save the changes.


For iOS and Android users, you can also access your account from the Settings menu within the Hulu app. 



How do I sign up for a Hulu subscription on my mobile device?

If this is your first time visiting on your mobile device, you'll see an option to "Try Hulu for free." If you haven't had a free trial before, you'll be offered one week to test out the service on your device.  You can also click on "Want Full Episodes" to sign up for a Hulu subscription. On most devices, you can sign up from within the Hulu application.



I want to see which shows you have. Can I browse all your content from my mobile device?

To browse content available through Hulu, head to ( ). Here you will find all the shows and movies that you can watch from the comfort of your supported device. If you're on an Android device that has the Hulu app available, click the Browse option to the top right when first launching the app. Here you can see what content we have available on your device. 



How can I search for clips on through my mobile device?

At this time, we are only able to offer a select library of clips on through the mobile browser. For now, we do not have a search function, but we do have several browse filters that'll help you find the clips most interesting to you.



I'm having trouble signing in on the mobile browser.

If you're having issues signing into your account on your mobile device, please try signing in at this page ( ).



Why can't I view clips on from my Windows Phone/Blackberry?

We're only able to offer streaming through the mobile browser iOS, Android, Nook and Kindle devices at this time. We'd love to offer support for Windows Phone and Blackberry in the future, so keep checking back.



I'm having issues with the Hulu mobile app. What do I do?

Troubleshooting for iPhones and iPod touches can be found here.

Troubleshooting for iPads can be found here

Troubleshooting for Android and Nook devices can be found here

Troubleshooting for Kindle Fire devices can be found here

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