Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8
Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8
With the Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8, you can now access your favorite Hulu Plus shows and clips on the go.

We're excited to introduce Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8! Below are some questions that will help you to get the most out of Hulu Plus on your Windows Phone 8. 



How do I get the Hulu Plus app on my Windows Phone 8?

To start enjoying Hulu Plus on your Windows Phone 8, all you'll need to do is download our app! You can find the app by going to the Microsoft Store and searching for Hulu Plus, or by clicking this link. Install the app, then open it up and log in with your Hulu Plus credentials. If you do not yet have a Hulu Plus subscription (which is required for using our mobile app), you can sign up here.



How do I access my Queue?

At the bottom of the app, you'll see a black bar with a magnifying glass, a list icon and a heart. These correlate to our Search, Queue and Favorite functions. To access your Queue, just hit the list icon in the center! 



Can I pin shows to my start screen?

We're excited to offer this feature through the Windows Phone 8. To pin a show to your homescreen, first access the show's main page through the Hulu Plus app. From there, you will see a pin icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap this icon to add this show to your homescreen and you'll be good to go. 



Can I download Hulu Plus on my Windows 7 Phone?

At this time, Hulu Plus is only available for the Windows Phone 8 OS. 



Can I access Hulu on the mobile browser of my Windows Phone 8?

Due to licensing restrictions, the free Hulu service is not available for mobile devices like the Windows Phone 8. In order to access Hulu on your Windows Phone 8, you would need a Hulu Plus subscription and the Hulu Plus app.



Can I use Cortana or voice controls?

Windows Phone 8 running the most recent version of Hulu Plus will have access to Cortana voice controls to navigate, find shows and search within the app. Playback controls, such as pause and play, are not available through voice commands. Ask Cortana "Hulu, what can I say?" for a full list of available commands. 

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