Why can't I find all of my shows on Hulu?
Hulu is proud to offer a wide variety of content, but unfortunately, we do not have the rights for every show and every network.

While we are always working on adding new content, if there's a show out there we don't offer, we want to help you find it. Our search engine is designed to scour the web for reliable sources to watch content, both on Hulu and off.



I'm searching for a show or movie, but I can't find it on Hulu

We may not have the streaming rights for this show or movie. If you search for a show, like MasterChef, you will see how many episodes and clips are available to stream, along with device availablility. When you search for a show that we don't offer through either Hulu or Hulu Plus, we do our best to help you find another way to watch it.



Why does my search for a show lead me to another website?

Often times, a show may not be available to stream on Hulu, but is through another source. If our search engine finds a relevant clip or episode, we'll provide a link to an external website where you can watch your show.


These episode or clip thumbnails are also marked with a grey bar that shows where you are able to watch the video off of Hulu.




Why can't I see these shows on my device?

If our search feature redirects you to an external website to watch your show, this means we do not have the streaming rights for that particular piece of content. From the Hulu Plus app on your device, we unfortunately cannot offer this feature as we do not own the proper licenses. For more information about what shows are availalbe to watch on your device, visit this help article



I'm having issues with an offsite show. What do I do?

While we'd love to help you find all the content of interest to you, we have no control over the content posted on other websites. If you run into any issues with shows on external sites, please contact the external site's support directly.


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