How do I use Kids Lock on my Android Device?
Kids Lock is a section of the Hulu Plus app on Android devices that allows kids to watch ad-free shows tailored to them.

Kids Lock lets you restrict what content kids can watch while using the Hulu Plus application on your Android device. Once enabled, Kids Lock will only allow navigation and playback of content within the Hulu Kids section of the app.



To enable Kids Lock:

  • From the Home Page of the Hulu Plus application, navigate to the Kids section by tapping the Kids thumbnail

  • In the menu at the top of the screen, tap the Lock for Kids option.

  • Review the information in the Kids Lock pop-up dialog and tap the Enable Kids Lock button

  • Until unlocked, the Hulu Plus application will limit access only to videos from within the Kids section



To disable Kids Lock:

  • Tap the Unlock option in the menu at the top of the screen

  • Enter your Hulu Plus password when prompted in the pop-up login window

  • Hulu Plus should now unlock and allow navigation to the Home Page by tapping the Hulu Plus logo in the top menu bar.


* Note that the Kids Lock feature does not prevent a user from leaving the Hulu Plus application and accessing other content from other applications on your device.

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