How do I remove videos from my Queue?
Videos can be removed from your Queue by clicking on the trashcan icon under Actions from within your Queue (



Delete videos on

To delete videos from your Queue on, first visit your Queue by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, locate the video you would like to remove and click the trashcan icon under the Actions column. 








Delete videos through the iOS and Android app

Within the Hulu Plus app on your iOS device, head to your Queue. On the iPhone, your Queue can be found under the More tab on the bottom of the screen. On the iPad, tap the Menu icon (three bars) to locate your Queue.


While in your Queue, find the video that you would like to remove and tap on the image. From there, select the “Remove from Queue” option. The video will then be deleted from your Queue across all of your devices. If you tapped on the wrong video, tap anywhere else on the screen and the show options will disappear.



Delete videos through a TV or living room device

On your TV, Blu-ray, media player or gaming console, locate your Queue from the main page of the Hulu Plus app. Click on the show or movie you would like to remove from your Queue. For shows, you will see the option to Remove All from Queue to remove all of a show's episodes from your Queue. To remove a specific show, click on the Queued Episode, then navigate to Remove from Queue.


Please note that this feature may not be available on all devices, such as Apple TV. For these instances, videos can be removed through a computer browser at, or through the iOS and Android Hulu Plus apps. 

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