Samsung living room device date and time error
Samsung living room device date and time error
We've received some reports of Samsung devices, (including TVs, Blu-ray players, and home theaters) being unable to log in, often accompanied by a warning to check the time and date on the device.

These errors typically occur when the Samsung device is using date or time data that is not matching up with what is expected, but the troubleshooting steps below should help toward resolving the error. 



Close and re-open the Hulu app

Exit the Hulu app to return to your Samsung's main screen, then re-launch Hulu.



Deactivate and reactivate your device

Remove the Samsung device from your Hulu account and then reactivate it with the on-screen code at 

  1. Exit the Hulu app on your Samsung device 
  2. From a computer browser, visit and enter your password, if asked
  3. Click Manage Your Devices under the Device Management section 
  4. Select the trash can icon next to your Samsung device 
  5. From your Samsung device, re-open the Hulu app
  6. Select the Log In button
  7. Select the option to Sign In Online
  8. From a computer browser, visit and enter the 7-character code from your Samsung
  9. Your device has now been re-activated



Powercycle your device

Perform a complete power cycle of your Samsung device, modem, and router by unplugging them from power for at least a minute.



Verify your Date and Time Zone settings

From the main menu on your Samsung device, check your date and time settings by selecting Settings > System > Time zone.



Check for a firmware update

Check your Samsung for a firmware update. From your Samsung Menu > Support > Software Update > Yes.



Update your device's DNS settings 

  1. Go to the main Samsung menu
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "Network"
  4. Select "Network Status" 
  5. Choose your Wi-Fi network
  6. A connection test will run automatically. Once finished choose "IP Settings"
  7. Under "DNS" choose "Manual"
  8. Set "DNS Server" as ""



Reset your Samsung Smart Hub

  1. On your Samsung remote, select the button labeled either "Hub" or "Internet"
  2. Locate "Settings"
    • For "Smart Hub" models, you should press the blue 'D' button on your remote
    • For "Internet @TV" models, you will select "Settings" at the bottom left of the screen
    • Select Samsung models will have a "Tools" button on the remote
  3. Within "Settings", select "Reset." This will remove and re-install all apps that you have installed on your device, so you may need to log back in afterwards

* As a note, you may be asked for a password to do this reset. If you do not remember setting up a password, try the default of 0000.

If these steps do not reflect your Samsung device, please refer to your owner's manual for specific steps. 

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