How do I turn off/on autoplay?
Autoplay can be turned off directly on the video player (under the gear setting) or after video playback during the autoplay notification.



playback autoplay

Turn off/on autoplay on

There are two ways to enable or disable autoplay on the website. 

One method is to access it from the site player itself. During playback, move your mouse around on the player to bring up the control panel. Click on the Gear icon and you'll see a pop-menu with several options, including Auto Play. Choose either On or Off, depending on the setting you prefer.

At the end of every video you watch on, there will also be a Pause option. If you click this, Auto Play will be turned off for the next video.




Turn off/on autoplay on a mobile device

iOS – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iPhone & iPod touch – Autoplay is not available on the new Hulu Plus iPhone and iPod touch app. Each video will need to be selected to play. 

iPad – To turn off autoplay on your iPad: Select the menu settings icon, followed by the gear gear. Then select Settings to access the autoplay functionality. 


Android phone and tablet

1. Tap the menu menu icon at the top left of the Hulu app

2. Select the Settings option 

3. Toggle on or off Autoplay menu



Turn off/on autoplay on a living room or TV device

Turn off/on autoplay during video playback

1. While a video is playing, press the down option on your remote or controller

2. Then press the up option on your remote or controller to reveal the playback settings menu


3. Navigate over to Autoplay and press the select/OK/Enter button on your remote or controller to toggle the autoplay setting


*Autoplay can also be turned off or on by accessing Settings from the main Hulu Plus app screen. 

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