Hulu Desktop
Hulu Desktop
As of January 31st, 2014, we will no longer be actively developing the Hulu Desktop application.

While we know it does have a small but incredibly dedicated following, Hulu Desktop was a Hulu labs project we had begun exploring before many of the current video streaming devices were available. We have now developed applications for many of these devices ( ), and we sincerely believe that maintaining an intense focus on these supported platforms, along with ( ), will ultimately allow us to deliver the best user experience possible.


Even though we will no longer be working on making improvements for any new or existing issues, we still have a few general troubleshooting steps that help with nearly every situation that may come up for those who continue to use Hulu Desktop:



Streaming Issues with Hulu Desktop

If you are experiencing playback issues with Hulu Desktop, they can often be solved with some basic troubleshooting:

  • Power cycle your computer, modem and router. Unplug all three from power, wait at least 1 minute, and power back up.
  • Lower the video quality. This can be done via one of two ways:
  1. Navigate to the main menu
  2. Select Profiles/[Your Name]
  3. Choose Preferences
  4. Go to Video Quality
  5. Select the desired playback quality


  1. During playback, move the mouse or press the Up or Down key to bring up the timeline
  2. However over "Quality"
  3. Click on the desired playback quality
  • Clear your browser cache in your default browser. You can access the cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete in Internet Explorer, Cmd+Option+E in Safari, or by referencing this support article if you use a different browser.
  • Watch Hulu content at ( ). A great way to test if playback issues are happening across multiple platforms (if you consider Hulu Desktop and a browser as separate platforms), or if they are local to Hulu Desktop.
  • Run a speed test of your connection at ( ) and compare the results against our requirements.



Error 32/55

This error (32 for PCs, 55 for Macs) comes up when Hulu Desktop is unable to load the latest validation data from Hulu. To resolve this error, please clear your default browser's cache ( ) and delete all sites from your Flash cache here ( ).



Uncommon Issues

Error 41 - This error comes up when Hulu Desktop has trouble detecting the proper version of Flash. The good news is that this issue can usually be resolved easily by installing Flash.


First, open Internet Explorer, and navigate to ( ). Select "Download Now" to download the Flash Installer, and follow the prompts to fully install Flash. Be sure to select the version of Flash that is right for your computer (32-bit or 64-bit). If you are unsure of which version your need, select 32-bit. Once Flash is fully installed, open up Hulu Desktop and the error message should go away.


Linux - If Linux Ubuntu is crashing Hulu Desktop, check to see if the computer is running Gnash (a freeware alternative to Flash). If so, please remove Gnash, as well as Flash. Then, restart the computer and reinstall Flash, and the issue should be resolved.

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