How do I use Favorites?
How do I use Favorites?
Hulu's Favorites feature is an organizational tool to help you easily keep up to date with your favorite shows by adding newly released episodes to your Queue.

This feature is very similar to a magazine subscription. When you add a show as a Favorite, new episodes of that series will automatically be added to your Queue once they become available on Hulu. If you choose, you can also be notified of these additions through email. But, like a magazine subscription, it will only send you the most recent episodes. If you want to view older episodes from previous seasons you will need to manually add them to your Queue via the respective show page. (For more information about using your Queue, please see this article)



Adding shows to your Favorites

To Favorite a show, simply visit a series' show page (e.g. and click the favorite favorite icon or Plus button plus for iOS devices.


With your Favorites list, you can easily keep track of shows that you're watching or interested in watching. To have episodes automatically added to your Queue, you can modify the settings by heading to your Favorites page and clicking Edit Settings next to the appropriate show. All episodes will add to your Queue any new episodes that are added to our site. For New episodes only, you'll receive only brand new episodes into your Queue. 




Accessing your Favorites

In order to quickly access your Favorites, hover over your NAME near the top right of any page.



To access your Favorites page, where you can add, remove, rearrange, or adjust the settings of each of your Favorites, just click on that same Favorites option by hovering over your NAME.



Organizing your Favorites

Organizing and ranking your Favorites is also a great way to share your tastes with your friends and find out how their lists compare. You can rearrange your Favorites on the Favorites page by either clicking the up and down arrows in the Order column or by manually inputting rankings into the numbered text boxes. 


favorites page


Adding more Favorites can easily be done on this page by clicking the add more favorites add more favorites button in the upper left above the Favorites list. This will give you the option to add Recommended shows, Most Popular shows, and enables you to search for a particular show you may have in mind and add it to your Favorites.




Setting up email notifications when a Favorite is added to your Queue

To sign up to receive email notifications when a show from your Favorites has added to your Queue, visit your Notification Management page and check the box next to Favorites Alerts. To stop these emails, simply uncheck this box at any time.


manage email notifications



Removing shows from your Favorites

To remove a show from your Favorites, click the Hulu Remove From Queue (trash can) icon in the Remove column on the right side of the Favorites page.

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