Why can't I view certain shows on my device?
Why can't I view certain shows on my device?
Due to contractual limitations, certain shows offered on the free Hulu.com service are not available through Hulu Plus mobile and TV devices.

The rights required to stream content to devices differ from those required to stream content to computers, so you may find that some of your favorite shows on Hulu are only available for viewing from a computer.


We work constantly with our partners to try to secure more content, and they've been great about reaching into their vaults on our behalf. Hulu Plus includes hundreds of shows, some of which haven't been available online before, and full runs of many of them. 



Why are these shows only available on computers?

The content provider ultimately determines the devices through which a show will be available and also how long we can keep the episodes posted. While we would love to offer all content on every device, at times, our rights for a particular show will only cover streaming rights to computers. 



How can I identify if a show is not available on my device?

We understand these content discrepancies can be very disappointing, so we try to be as transparent as possible about them. From a show's main page (for example, www.hulu.com/brooklyn-nine-nine ), you can see the device and Hulu Plus availability. 

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If you search for one of these limited shows on your device or pull it up in your Favorites/Subscriptions, we'll mark it with a special icon that says Web Only. 



Which shows are available on my device?

We are happy to offer an ever expanding library of content that is cleared for viewing on Hulu Plus devices. To see the full list, please visit ( www.huluplus.com/content ). 



Will this ever change?

We are working diligently to include as much content as possible in Hulu Plus so you can enjoy more of your favorite shows where and when you want, and we're confident the offering will improve over time. In the meantime,  you can sign up for notifications for when your favorite shows are added to Hulu Plus (and with it, device availability). Do so by going to the show page and clicking the "request to be notified" button found below the big promotional images in the availability notes.

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