Ad Tailor
Ad Tailor helps to increase the relevance of ads you see on Hulu.

Ad Tailor works in two ways. One is that we now offer you the option to give us immediate feedback on every video ad’s relevance. In the upper right of every video ad, we ask “Is this ad relevant to you?” and offer a yes and a no button. These buttons replace our old “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons on ads. The new wording is deliberate since the thumbs up and down iconology might suggest that we were interested primarily in your subjective opinion of the ad creative when what’s more critical for us is understanding whether the product or service being shown is relevant to you. We can’t alter our advertisers’ creative, but we can use your feedback to better tailor which ads we show you. 


Ad Tailor tries to improve ad relevance in another way. Occasionally, when you’re watching a video, we’ll also serve up a single or multi-question survey in place of an advertisement. Answer any single question and we’ll return you to your video immediately, and answer any multiple question survey and we’ll reward you with some ad-free viewing. Answering these questions is always optional, and any responses given will be kept confidential.


The more efficiently we can match ads up with users, the more everyone benefits. Users see more relevant ads, and advertisers reach a more targeted and receptive audience.



When we use Ad Tailor to personalize an ad we show you, you’ll see a brief visual cue at the start of the ad: in the upper right corner we’ll display “Personalized by Ad Tailor.” The more feedback you provide, the more we’ll be able to personalize the selection of ads we show you.

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