Parental controls on Hulu
At this time, Hulu does not offer a setting that allows for more customized parental controls. Varying supported devices offer parental settings that are often times recognized by the Hulu Plus app.

Users are required to be logged into an account and be at least 17 years of age in order to view mature content (films rated R, TV-MA shows) on Hulu. While we don't have overall parental settings, the best suggestion for is to log out of your Hulu account while watching with younger children; this will block mature content. You can also visit our Family or Kids page to browse for content that you and your family can watch together.


For Hulu Plus subscribers, you will have access Hulu Kids. This hub allows a safe, ad-free viewing experience for your child. To access Hulu Kids, please head to ( ) or click directly on KIDS at the top left-hand corner of any page. For additional information, please visit our Hulu Kids Help Article


If you don't have Hulu Plus, you can access our Family genre under both the TV and Movies drop-downs at the top left of any page.


Additionally, we can change the birth year on your account to under 17 years old – This will block mature content while allowing you to watch Hulu Plus videos. To update your birth year, contact Hulu Support.


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