I'm having trouble with my login on Hulu.com
If you're not able to log in, visit hulu.com/forgot to recover the email address or password on your account.

If you're having trouble logging in or accessing Hulu, the most common reason is either the password or the email address is incorrect. First thing's first, visit our Forgot Login page and enter the desired info to recover your login info. 



If that doesn't help, below are some common scenarios and how to help resolve them. 



I forgot my password and I received an error that my email is not in the database

If the response "We have no record of this email in our system. Please verify that you have entered it correctly”  appears when you submit your email address in the Forgot Password tool, then that particular email address is not registered to an account in our records. Please check all the email addresses you might have used, including those you might not normally associate with online subscriptions.

If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber, and are still having trouble finding your account, you can use our Forgot Email tool on the same page to help track down the address linked to your subscription.



I forgot my login email and I received an error that my credit card is not in the database

If the response "Sorry, we couldn’t find an account that matches the credit card number you provided” appears when you submit your credit card number in the Forgot Email tool, then that particular credit card is not attached to a Hulu Plus subscription in our records. Has your card number changed recently? Or are you being billed through a different credit card entirely?


If you are being billed through PayPal, iTunes, Roku, or Amazon, our Forgot Email tool will not recover your login email address. These companies have separate billing systems from ours, so your credit card information is not stored by Hulu.


If your subscription is billed through iTunes, your Hulu Plus login will be the email address associated with your Apple ID. Please visit this page for more information about iTunes billing.


For accounts billed through Amazon, please visit this page for more information.

For accounts billed through Roku, please visit this page for more information. 



I am paying for a Hulu Plus subscription but cannot watch Hulu Plus content

If you are being billed monthly for a Hulu Plus subscription but are unable to watch Hulu Plus videos, chances are you might be logging in with an email address not associated with your paid subscription (hey, it happens). To double check which address is linked to your subscription, do the following:

  1. Log out by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of any page on Hulu.com and choosing Log out
  2. Head over to the secure Forgot Email tool and fill out the requested information
  3. If an active account is found, make sure you log in with that email address

If you continue to have any trouble, or suspect there might be a typo in your email address, please contact us and we'll help to locate your account. 



I can't click on or I don't see the Log In link

If you do not see the Log In link in the upper right corner of Hulu.com, or nothing happens after you enter your login information and click submit, please be sure you've enabled JavaScript and Cookies in your browser. To do so you can follow the steps listed in this article.



I am having trouble logging in to my Hulu Plus supported device

For help logging in to your Internet-enabled TV, Blu-ray player, game console, or streaming device please visit this page.

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