How do I use my Queue?
How do I use my Queue?
Your Queue lets you save videos to watch later, both on and supported Hulu devices.

Hulu's Queue feature is an easy way to keep up with your favorite shows on Hulu. You can even set up notifications for when shows are automatically added to your queue, or when they're about to expire.


Once you are logged into your account, you can access your Queue by clicking on your NAME at the top of every page of 


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Adding videos to your Queue

While browsing videos on Hulu, hover over the video and click the Add to Queue button, and the video will immediately be added to your Queue. The Remove from Queue button indicates it was added successfully.


For an even more automatic way to get your favorite shows into your Queue, you can Favorite them right on the site. With your Favorites, new episodes can automatically be added to your Queue every time a new one becomes available. 


To Favorite a show, simply visit a series' show page (e.g. and click the favorite icon. 


To have episodes automatically added to your Queue, you can modify the settings by heading to your Favorites page and clicking Edit Settings next to the appropriate show. All episodes will add to your Queue any new episodes that are added to our site. For New episodes only, you'll receive only brand new episodes into your Queue. 



To add all episodes or clips of a show on Hulu to your Queue, please visit this article



Playing from the Queue

In any view, simply click the title of a video to start it. If you'd like to play all videos from a particular series from your Queue, switch to Group by Show, then click the play all button.


Hulu Queue Play All


Click the Hulu Queue Popout (Popout button) to load the video in a separate window

Hulu Popout Player



Organizing your Queue

As you add more videos to your Queue, you may want to rearrange videos to better organize them based on your viewing habits. There are two main views you can choose from, Group by Show and List View.

Hulu Queue


Group by Show

With your Queue set to Group by Show, all episodes from a particular series will be grouped together for quick access. You can choose which order the shows play in the queue by using the Sort list by drop down menu, and choosing to sort alphabetically by Show Title, or Newest to Queue.

Hulu Queue Sorting


List View

In List View, there are a few different ways you can manually set the order your videos will play in. The first is if there is a video you'd like at the top of your Queue, all you have to do is click the Move To Top (Move to top) button, and it will immediately be moved to the top of the list.


Additionally, if you'd like to put the videos in a specific order, you can manually drag them however you'd like – just make sure to click the save order button when finished.


Hulu Queue Manually Rearrange



Availability of videos in the Queue

It's our goal to provide as much content as possible and to keep it all on our service as long as possible. However, what videos we post and how long we're able to keep them on Hulu depends on streaming clearances granted by our content partners. As such, it is possible for videos to expire, even if they're saved in your Queue. There are several ways to tell if or when a video will be expiring.


Right in your Queue, you will see a column labeled Expires, that will list the date a video is set to expire. You can click on the header for this column to sort by expiration date so you don't miss videos that are set to expire soon.

Hulu Video Expiration


Additionally, 5 days before a video is set to expire, we'll also start a count down to when it will no longer be available.

Hulu Video Expiration


You can also setup Expiration Alerts, which are email reminders sent a week before a video is set to expire.

Hulu Video Expiration Alerts

 * For more information about Notification Settings, see this related Help Article.



Removing videos from your Queue

After you finish watching a video that's in your Queue, it will automatically be removed. Otherwise, there are several ways you can manually remove other videos you'd no longer like in your Queue:


Click the Hulu Remove From Queue(trash can) on the far right of a video in the queue

Hulu Remove Video From Queue

Check the boxes for the videos you'd like to remove, then click the Hulu Remove Button button

Hulu Remove Selected=


You can also quickly remove any expired videos from your Queue by clicking the Hulu Remove Expired Videos From Queue button.

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