Discussion Boards Info and Policy


Discussion boards are provided for you to discuss Hulu content and other topics with Hulu and each other.
Here are some key features of the Hulu discussion boards:


  • a. This post is "sticky," so it will always appear at the top of the thread list. These are typically Hulu announcements related to the show or discussion.
  • b. This post has been locked from new replies for various reasons.
  • c. This thread contains posts from a Hulu staff member. If a verified Star user has posted, it will be noted, as well.

Usage Policy

We encourage users to participate in our discussion boards in accordance with our usage policies.
Posts should not:
  • - Be completely off-topic (not at all related to the specific discussion).
  • - Suggest violence or insult excessively (either toward another user or a person in the video/show).
  • - Contain spoilers without a spoiler warning.
  • - Contain terms that circumvent the bad words filter (e.g. using derogatory terms).
  • - Contain irrelevant links or spam messages.
Inappropriate or offensive posts can be flagged for abuse by Hulu or other users. If a post is flagged by a number of users, it will be hidden. We encourage the use of this feature to maintain the integrity of the discussions. Users who repeatedly violate the above guidelines above may have their posting privileges revoked. If you think you are being prevented from posting in error, please contact us.