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The High Road with Mario Batali premiered on Hulu on June 12th with presenting sponsor, the Hyundai Genesis. In this reality docuseries, Mario Batali creates a love letter to New York via short films where he takes viewers on a journey to some of New York City’s most fascinating gems with some of its most fascinating people.

The Hyundai Genesis vehicle is integrated within the opening sequence of the first 6 episodes, and has a deeper integration in the Isabella Rossellini episode where Mario & Isabella take the Genesis to their destination of choice. Interview questions featured in the first 6 episodes, were also crafted to align with the Genesis’ communication brand pillars.

Every week, Mario is promoting new episodes via his social media channels (twitter, facebook)! To date, we received a shout-out on Good Morning America on 6/11, in addition to AdWeek running an exclusive story on the Hyundai partnership.





Epicurious Feature: http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/blogs/editor/2014/06/mario-batali-high-road-gabrielle-hamilton.html


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Hi Team -

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Jenny Wall, who joins us as SVP, Head of Marketing.

Marketing is a topic fresh on our mind. Two weeks ago at the Hulu Upfront, we talked at length about that subject in front of a room of 1,700 brand marketers and advertising partners. At our Upfront, we announced that over the next year, we will more than triple our content marketing spend to grow awareness for, and interest in, Hulu Originals. Additionally, we will be investing in a viewer acquisition and brand campaign to drive new TV lovers to Hulu. We count ourselves lucky to have Jenny at the helm as we accomplish this.

Some key areas Jenny will oversee: strategy and implementation across the Hulu brand, acquisition, and retention channels as well as communications, content, consumer insights and creative. Most importantly, she will focus on building overall “brand love,” giving consumers a reason to come to Hulu and make it part of their daily lives as we build a relationship and connect with them throughout their Hulu journey.

There are many things about Jenny that impress us—three things in particular stood out during her interview process. First, Jenny is a really passionate person—her energy is infectious. And she is a risk taker. In other words, she fits into the Hulu culture of passionate people all working towards a common vision.  

Second, she is both strategic and creative—a hybrid. Throughout her career, she’s been attracted to opportunities that enable her to creatively propel businesses toward the future. 

Third, Jenny understands our emphasis on storytelling – at Hulu, we are all about telling stories, especially when it comes to Hulu Originals -from “The Awesomes,” to the upcoming “Hotwives of Orlando,” to our most recent hit “Deadbeat.”

Jenny brings over twenty years of experience as an influential figure and executive in entertainment marketing. She spent a year and a half at Netflix, leading the global creative team, where she spearheaded new brand campaigns along with launch campaigns for the Original Series including “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black,” and “Arrested Development.” 

Prior to Netflix, Jenny spent three years as CMO of entertainment agency BLT Communications, creating marketing campaigns for television, films and brands. She has an impressive ad agency background, having started and run the Interactive Division at Crew Creative, and founded interactive agency GO Marketing, where she executed successful online and grassroots campaigns for HBO, Discovery, Sundance Channel, and Paramount to name a few. Jenny’s career began at DDB Needham, but it was her seven years at HBO where she was part of the team that created the landmark “It’s not TV. It’s HBO” campaign and was involved in launching countless Originals that fueled her passion for entertainment marketing. 

Jenny has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for Hulu and joining the team. In her own words: “I love entertainment, and having a hand in helping people find and enjoy something they choose to fill their time with. I love how the landscape is changing and the new ecosystem that is being built; Hulu is part of the zeitgeist of that ecosystem. The intersection of entertainment and technology continues to fascinate me, and how amazing, challenging and ever changing it is—being part of something that changes how people view television is in my bones. I believe strongly that Hulu is at the forefront of where things are going, and on the right path to defining the future of television. Oh, and I love whiteboards—I hope you have a lot of them at Hulu!” 

Jenny has a big task ahead of her–Hulu is at a pivotal time in its growth, and we’re leading the way forward in the digital entertainment industry. We have surpassed 6 million subscribers, and every day, these millions of viewers turn to Hulu, thanks largely to our unrivaled breadth and depth of content: an amazing lineup of Hulu Originals, as well as the acquisition of the best premium content including acquiring prior seasons of hit television and exclusive access to some of the biggest broadcast and cable shows.

Our goal is to become the go-to destination for fans of great television, establishing Hulu as the place for viewers to experience “all things TV.” How do we do that? Well, a big part of it will be Jenny Wall (no pressure Jenny!).

I’m fired up about Jenny and can’t wait to have her hit the ground running and do amazing things at Hulu. Please join me in welcoming her to the team. 

- Mike



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Today at the Hulu Upfront in New York City, joined by Peter Naylor, SVP of Sales, Craig Erwich, SVP Head of Content, and many of our talented stars and creators from Hulu Originals and top shows exclusive to Hulu and Hulu Plus, we presented new developments in original programming, content, technology and advertising innovation in front of an audience of over 1,700 advertisers.


Cecily Strong of “SNL” and “The Awesomes,” Mindy Kaling of “The Mindy Project,” Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker of “The Awesomes,” Tyler Labine and the cast of “Deadbeat,” Chris O’Dowd of “Moone Boy,” Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi of “Community,” and “The Hotwives of Orlando” cast, among other special guests, were featured presenters. 

It’s an exciting time to be in our business, and we are happy to share our latest company growth with you today.

Hulu Plus


Today I’m thrilled to share that Hulu Plus has surpassed 6 million subscribers. We’re pleased to see so many millions of viewers turning to Hulu Plus daily, thanks largely to our unrivaled breadth and depth of content, including exclusive access to some of the biggest broadcast and cable shows, and Hulu Originals.



Today, we’re happy to announce that we have ordered a second season of “Deadbeat,” which has become one of the most watched shows on the service in its first few weeks since airing. Additionally, we’ve set premiere dates for second season returns of “The Awesomes,” “Quick Draw” and “East Los High.”


Last week, international Emmy Award-winning Chris O’Dowd comedy “Moone Boy” returned to great acclaim for its second season. “Doozers,” our first Hulu Original for Hulu Kids, debuted and is setting the pace among the most popular shows on the kids hub with its first seven episodes. Meanwhile, acclaimed sports mascot docu-series “Behind the Mask” is up for the Sports Emmy next week, which garnered Hulu its first Emmy nomination for a Hulu Original. On May 28, internationally beloved teen dance drama “The Next Step” debuts in the U.S. just before the highly-anticipated return of breakthrough teen drama “East Los High.” And as things heat up in July, there will be much more drama and laughs with the debut of reality TV satire “Hotwives of Orlando.” 

It’s not enough for us to simply invest in acquiring and producing great shows…we want to make sure viewers know where to find them – only on Hulu and Hulu Plus. To that end, over the next year, we will more than triple our content marketing spend to grow awareness for, and interest in, Hulu Originals.


Our goal is to continue to lead the online video advertising market. Our viewers are highly engaged. On desktop alone they spend an average of nearly 50 minutes per session on Hulu and they stay on Hulu for longer stretches than any other ad-supported premium video site in comScore’s top 100.

Since 2008, more than 1,650 advertisers have leveraged the Hulu service, and we have delighted in helping these advertisers reach their desired audience, all the while innovating in our ad formats to give our users more choice, more control, and more convenience.

    • Instream Purchase Unit:
      Pizza Hut Hulu Instream Purchase Unit
      We continue to lead the industry in ad innovations, and we’re pleased to share three new ad experiences with you today:
      We will be rolling out the first ever “In-Stream Purchase Unit” later this year with Pizza Hut as our launch partner. The unit will enable consumers to make an order for pick-up or delivery without ever leaving the Hulu environment. With our effective targeting capabilities, this new innovation allows advertisers to target the right demographic, at the right time – all while allowing viewers to immediately pick up where they left off once their order is placed.


  • Cross Platform Interactive ads:
    Corona Cross platform interactive ad
    Part of our promise to innovate on behalf of the advertising industry, is by making our interactive ad experiences available across every platform, including living room and mobile devices. Our ad algorithm predicts the appropriate audience for the brand, and serves an interactive ad that’s optimized for their device. The evolution of our interactive ads will launch later this summer in partnership with Corona Extra across mobile devices.



  • Hulu 360 Ad:
    With the growth in mobile viewership, we’re working to deliver new innovations across mobile platforms. We know which device a viewer is on, and we go beyond the traditional video ad to serve a groundbreaking viewing experience. This experience is powered by technology from leading 360 design company, Immersive Media.


Additionally, as of today, Hulu is the first digital company to receive multi-platform measurement at an individual viewer level that includes co-viewership for living room devices. This is made possible through our partnership with leading measurement company, comScore.



Across the TV industry, we’re seeing greater access to all types of content, and more ways for you, our loyal TV fans, to forge deeper connections with your favorite shows. As the way viewers consume premium TV continues to rapidly evolve, we want to evolve to be able to offer more content on even more platforms. 

upfront-postimg-8That is why this summer, we will begin delivering a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes on mobile devices– for free. (Until now, viewers have been able to access Hulu’s free service only on the desktop). With our re-imagining of mobile viewing, we want you, our viewers, to have more access to the content you love, right at your fingertips. Additionally, later this summer, we will be launching the next generation of the Hulu Plus iPhone app.


upfront-postimg-7Hulu Plus is now accessible on more than 400 million internet-connected devices in the United States, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, and most recently, Amazon’s new set-top box, Amazon Fire TV. After redesigning our living room devices such as Roku and Wii-U, we saw average-minutes-viewed increase by over 30%. And out of our tens of millions of viewers, there are 3000 unique ways Hulu viewers access content on Hulu and Hulu Plus (for example, I watch on my iPad and Apple TV). 


Thank you to our valued advertisers, content partners, and to our viewers for your commitment to making Hulu and Hulu Plus part of your daily lives. It’s our pleasure to continue to serve you up the very best TV content, coupled with the best user experience, to continue to make Hulu and Hulu Plus the premier destination for premium content on any device, at anytime, anywhere. 

- Mike Hopkins and the Hulu team



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2014 Hulu Deadbeat WOrld Premiere at SXSW

The Hulu Original “Deadbeat” was met with critical acclaim at its world premiere at SXSW on March 11; one of six series screened at the festival alongside HBO’s Mike Judge comedy “Silicon Valley,” Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful,” AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” FOX’s “COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey” and Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.” Indiewire’s Ben Travers attended the screening and praised the series, calling it promising, comparable to network pilots and even “better than some of the dreck that’s been picked up over the years.” “Deadbeat” premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus on April 9.

Leading up to SXSW, Hulu debuted three spooky “Deadbeat” trailers exclusively on Entertainment Weekly, which noted, “Hulu is amping up its original programming game with a new bingeworthy series.” Hulu created horror themed trailers for a classic 1940s, a vintage grindhouse ’70s and a retro ’80s version of the show. Here is the 1980s horror trailer.

Hulu also made a splash at SXSW to support the show and its stars. On the ground, the marketing team kept SXSW-goers refreshed and tuned into our April 9 launch with a “Deadbeat”-branded slushy truck. The Q&A panel and after-party featured the cast and ghoulish interactive installations.


Hulu’s marketing team also pushed out an innovative social media campaign with white-hot secret sharing app Whisper. ADWEEK’s Garret Sloan posted a story profiling the Whisper campaign, where viewers can use “Deadbeat” branded stills as backgrounds to their anonymously posted secrets. Hulu is the first content brand partnering with Whisper in a promotional marketing capacity, and the press took note.



Fore more videos and show information, check out the Deadbeat show page on Hulu.


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<Earlier today, I sent the following note to the Hulu team.>

Since I joined Hulu a little over three months ago, one of my main focuses has been to seek out the best leaders across the industry, who are passionate about the mission we are on, and thrilled at the opportunity to join us as we serve our many customers—users, distributors, content owners, and of course, our advertising partners. To that end, I’m thrilled to be welcoming Peter Naylor, who joins us as Senior Vice President of Sales.

Peter officially starts next week, but will be in the Santa Monica office on Wednesday and the New York office next Tuesday to meet you all. Interim head of sales Jim O’Donnell will continue to work closely across functions at Hulu headquarters as VP, West Coast Sales & Advertising Sales Operations, reporting to Peter. I’d like to thank Jim for stepping up in a big way over the past several months, and helping usher in Peter. 

You have all built our incredible sales organization from the ground up and made Hulu into the video advertising platform it is today, leading the industry in ad innovation and effectiveness as you serve our over 1,000 advertising partners. And you may be interested to know that Peter contributed during the early days of Hulu during his time at NBC, when he was involved in the process of identifying Hulu’s charter advertisers. We’ve come a long way since then. 

Peter is equally impressed as I, by the tenacity with which you all go out into the market and talk to advertisers every day about the power of what Hulu can do to drive results for brands. And that’s exactly what Peter has been doing over his past 25 years in advertising sales—driving results for brands. Peter was most recently Executive Vice President of Ad Sales for NBC News Digital and has worked across news, sports, and entertainment at NBC. He has also served as a member of the board of directors of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Online Publishers Association (OPA) for over 10 years. Prior to his post at NBC Universal, Naylor was SVP of sales for iVillage Properties.

2013 was a record year for consumption, as Hulu viewers streamed more than 1 billion content videos in each quarter. And throughout the year, Hulu remained #1 in engagement among top ad supported online video sites, and #1 in market share of all premium online video providers. Hats off to the team—these are incredibly impressive achievements.

As we are coming off Hulu’s record breaking year, I see 2014 being even stronger—you are already above target for the quarter, and we’re not even halfway through it. Keep up the good work. Under Peter’s leadership, I’m confident that our advertising team will continue to excel. 

Please join me in giving Peter a warm Hulu welcome!

- Mike