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Interstitial ad units have proven incredibly effective on PC, now Hulu is taking this experience beyond the PC with the unveiling of interactive ads on mobile devices.   Video advertising on mobile is primarily focused to slate and video ad units only. As mobile usage increases, and with the newly released FVOD app on Android, there will be significant opportunity to better monetize a more…

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Marketers need to be prepared to offer an array of options that cater to multiple platforms as well as creative solutions for integrating their content into more online videos. In a single month, Hulu reaches an additional 7 million viewers when all platforms and co-viewership are measured.   As device proliferation continues take shape, it is important that advertisers delivers their messaging across screens in…

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Hulu’s animated original comedy, The Awesomes, launched its second season on August 4th with presenting sponsor, Microsoft. Microsoft products are featured prominently throughout the season as Concierge’s phone and tablet of choice. This season, Prock (Seth Meyers) and the gang welcome a new super hero to the mix, the always-on-top-of-it Concierge. The fun has just begun!   Check out the Season 2 premiere below: [embed]http://www.hulu.com/watch/651459#i0,p9,d0[/embed]…

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Leading up to the Emmy's, Hulu officially kicked off awards season with our very own Hulu Viewers' Choice Awards. Who says award show categories always have to be so serious? Read more to see who took home these prestigious awards! The Hulu Viewers’ Choice Awards recognize TV’s biggest hitters in categories that viewers really care about! This new and never been done before event will…

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At Hulu, we always strive to make watching TV an even more delightful and convenient experience for our users. We are super excited to introduce a focused and simple way to watch Hulu shows, clips, movies and more on the go with the re-imagined Hulu app for iPhone.   When we re imagined the app, it was also important for us to make sure that…

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