Branded Entertainment Selector


The Branded Entertainment Selector (BES) allows the user to control their ad experience during video playback by choosing whether to watch a long-form commercial, or to view the show with standard commercial breaks. This unit offers a great experience for theatrical and tune-in campaigns, but can also be used for extended content such as original webisodes or longer form video ads.

If the advertisement is for a movie, the user will be presented with the following options at the beginning of content play:
• Watch the trailer for [Movie Name], and then watch the video commercial-free. (If selected, the user will immediately begin viewing the extended trailer)
• Watch the video with normal commercial breaks. (If selected, the user will experience normal ad breaks throughout the content view)
• In order to preserve a consistent video playback experience, the selector will automatically default after a specified period of time.

Build Timeline

Production lead-time from the receipt of the final asset, is 5-8 business days.

Available On:

PC/Laptop Mobile/


Deliverables to Hulu:

• 505 × 756 – Brand Poster creative (click-action links to the video and should not include buttons or URLs that drive away from Hulu)
• Trailer, Movie, Show or Product name to be displayed
• Extended Video Creative (:60 sec to 2:59 sec)
• Click-through URLs (for video)
• 3rd Party Tracking Tags
• Video: 1 × 1 trackers and click commands
• Companions: standard tags (href and img source)


• Brand Poster: 505 x 756

File Formats

• PSD (layered)
• Fonts (if applicable)

Max File Size

500K each






• Video Creative: A minimum of :60s to a maximum of 2:59.

Color Depth



Hosted by Hulu

Third Party Tags

Hulu accepts standard tags and supports VAST from Hulu-approved vendors. For additional VAST information, please click here to visit our FAQ document.

*At this time we don't accept iframe, ilayer, javascript, or internal redirect tags.



General Notes

Client may provide final brand poster or Hulu Creative Services can create these units for the client based on client direction and source assets.

This unit clicks through to the trailer or long-form commercial and should not include buttons or language that direct users away from the site. The campaign hashtag is accepted on the poster.

• Delivery should include raw assets and messaging, or a single screenshot can be provided to spec and will be cut for production by Hulu.
• Please note: Clients cannot build this interactive element themselves.

*This unit currently has select availability on living room devices. Please reach out to your sales contact or campaign manager for additional details.

Have any questions or need examples? Shoot us a note!