The Ad Player Skin is a unique opportunity to brand the area around the player for maximum affinity. The Ad Player Skin plays in standard view in conjunction with the video ad.

Build Timeline

Production lead-time from the receipt of the final asset, is 10 business days.

Available On:

PC/Laptop Mobile/


Deliverables to Hulu:

  • Provided Hulu Ad Player Skin .PSD Template contains all sizing information. Please do not leave image of Hulu Player in the final layout.
  • If Hulu is designing the skin, client needs to provide layered .PSD's of different raw assets (IE: key art, 300x250, 160x600 and/or 728x90).
  • All skins will be cut for production by Hulu.



• Player Size 1: 1184 x 666
•• Skin Area: 1600 x 853
•• Safe Zone: 1544 x 793

• Player Size 2: 944 x 531
•• Skin Area: 1600 x 718
•• Safe Zone: 1304 x 598

File Formats

• PSD (layered)
• Fonts (if applicable)

•• Full Skin (edges must blend in with background; no hard edges)

Max File Size







Hosted by Hulu

Third Party Tags

Client can provide 1x1 impressions/click trackers for 3rd Party Tracking

*At this time we don't accept iframe, ilayer, javascript, or internal redirect tags.



General Notes

• Delivery should include raw assets and messaging, or a single screenshot can be provided to spec and will be cut for production by Hulu
• Hulu Creative Services will create these units for the client based on client direction and source assets
• Brand Clients - 1 version per brand campaign
• Theatrical Clients - 1 creative with 3 different tune-in versions per campaign
• Video Gaming Clients - 1 creative with 3 different tune-in versions per campaign
• Unit can be targeted at a national or local level

Assets Needed

Delivery should include all raw assets, messaging and fonts. Hulu will prepare unit for final production.

Metrics Available

• Video Skins on Hulu add incremental value over both linear TV and :30s video spots. Our video skins are 106% more impactful than linear TV at building top-of-mind awareness and 27% more impactful at building purchase intent.

• Metrics provided to advertisers: Impressions, Clicks and CTR.

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