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Why Hulu Works

Premium Content

The only service that provides premium online video content from the best of current and library TV, Hulu Originals, Latino, and other great content from around the world


World-class proprietary technology built to deliver high quality video cross‑platform

Custom Creative

Custom-built creative and sponsorships that drive higher engagement and results

Choice-based Ads

Choice based advertising formats that empower users


Best in class targeting that delivers the right ad, to the right person, at the right time

Ad Technology

Hulu leads the industry in cutting edge custom creative and choice-based ad formats, empowering users to interact with brands they truly care about. This unique feedback informs our proprietary ad serving technology and enables us to deliver ads that are more relevant, more engaging, and ultimately, more effective.

Hulu Originals

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Hulu provides best-in-class consultancy in research, reporting, insights and analytics, helping advertisers and marketers maximize ROI with measurement at the core.